We’re delighted to start our seventh year as the premier architectural photographer in Sedona and the Verde Valley area. Our work stands out because we focus on photography elements that attract and hold potential buyers attention.

I grew up in Michigan and studied commercial art for a year at the Creative Center for Arts and Crafts. I earned a Ph.D. from The University of Michigan and years later, retired from corporate life and moved to Sedona.

Sedona has been my home for the last 23 years. Today, as an architectural photographer I use color, light and shadow to communicate the distinctive mood and emotion of a property to the minds and hearts of potential buyers. My Nikon camera captures images not available to personal phone cameras. All properties—large and small—are given the same highly professional, artistic treatment. 

                                                  — SHERRY BELL, Architectural Photographer

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“We had such a blast having you taking the photos! They really showcased our house.
We can’t thank you enough.
We had a signed contract in
5 days!”

“Just stunning photos, Sherry. You’re an artist first, photographer second. The combination is a WOW.
Thanks so much!”
“Your gift of “seeing” is incredible”


“Absolutely outstanding photos.
You are a master photographer!
Thank you.”
Wow Sherry!
These photos are fabulous!!!!!!”